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Analysis of key points of cost control of injection mold manufacturing

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To ensure the cost of the mold, the control of the cost is proportional to the quality and delivery time, the mold quality is achieved at one time, there are few modifications, and the delivery time is shortened, so that the manufacturing cost of the enterprise is low, the profit is high, and the market order undertaking process has a unique competitive advantage. On the contrary, the enterprise not only has no advantage, but also makes no money or even loses money.

Therefore, the cost of mold manufacturing is very important in the control link of production management, which can be started from the following aspects:

1) Effective management:

Product data management, process data management, drawing document management: effective product data management, process data management, drawing document management, can ensure the completeness of the document, the consistency of the drawing version; Make the drawing can achieve effective sharing and effective inquiry utilization. It can establish a complete file management computer database, collect and use the design drawings accumulated by the design department, scattered, previously scattered and isolated information, and prevent the confusion of 2d and 3d, the confusion of original, variable and maintenance versions, and the inconsistency between 3d models and 2d drawings. The non-standard and chaotic 2d drawing design causes problems that are not easy to be found and corrected in time, resulting in mold modification and rework, or even cancellation, increasing the manufacturing cost of the mold, lengthening the mold manufacturing production cycle, and affecting the delivery period.

2) Keep mold drawings,

Consistency and integrity of processing technology and physical data: through effective, meticulous and strict testing means, to ensure the consistency and integrity of mold drawings, processing technology and physical data.

3) Design of each mold,

Manufacturing costs must be summarized in a timely manner: by effectively controlling the download or shared printing of parts processing technology in the workshop, effectively managing the scrap of tools; Through accurate mold structure design, efficient mold parts processing and accurate spare parts testing, the additional cost caused by mold changes and maintenance will be effectively reduced, so as to obtain the actual cost of each set of molds, compared with the planned cost in real time, and then effectively control the quality of molds.

4) Overall planning:

The project plan, design, processing technology, workshop production, equipment, human resources and other information organically organized and integrated together for overall planning, so as to effectively coordinate planning and production, can effectively ensure mold quality and delivery on time.

5) Develop a complete and practical mold production management system:

Develop a complete mold production management system to realize the computer information management system of product data management, process data management, plan management and schedule management of mold production management process, including mold production plan formulation, mold design, process formulation, workshop task assignment, real-time barcode submission of parts progress, product inspection, warehouse management, etc. Make the mold manufacturing and related auxiliary information from the planning, manufacturing process control to the completion of delivery can achieve a full range of real-time tracking management.

6) Tangible knowledge and intangible knowledge management:

Establish a mold design, manufacturing failure mode and impact analysis database, through special and targeted job training, meetings, announcements, computer sharing, plus awards, penalties, to prevent the next time the same problem. At the same time, it can be used as a reference for future quality assessment and design. Refine the experience in the head of the enterprise management and form a written specification, so that the normal operation and quality fluctuation of the enterprise will not be affected by the resignation of a department head or post personnel.

7) Establishment of processing technology preparation:

Set up the processing process, summarize the mold parts list, purchased parts list, standard parts list, homemade parts list, homemade standard parts list, material list, heat treatment parts list, wear parts list and mold costs, to ensure that the relevant resources can be in place in time. Combined with production planning management and schedule management, we can ensure that relevant equipment can be effectively used, prevent idle personnel, and make all links in processing and manufacturing interlinked.

8) Form a quality implementation culture:

Analyze and summarize the self-inspection, special inspection, inspection and full inspection of various departments and processes between enterprises to form quality norms. Strictly standardize the testing means, eliminate the fluke mentality of "almost", and ensure the accuracy of the parts and accessories of the mold processing. Effective control of mold quality, according to the upper and next process records effectively quality specific to the individual. Can strengthen the design, operator's sense of responsibility.

9) Depending on the situation of the company and the customer,

Make mold design standards and mold design operation instructions suitable for our company and customers; Mold manufacturing standards, mold manufacturing operation instructions, standardized mold design and mold manufacturing; Prevent the old pattern-making thinking from creating molds that do not meet customer requirements because of personal habits.

10) Standardize procurement, warehouse and placing production orders,

Import and export of materials, tool loss report, delivery management, straighten out the material supply chain, prevent production disconnection.

11) Establish a comprehensive assessment system:

Evaluate each employee correctly with accurate, original and real data, regularly train and evaluate related mold design and mold manufacturing personnel, and discover and cultivate the backbone elite team of the company.

12) Standardize the functions of each post,

Make people do their job, people do their best, and prevent people from floating.

13) Establish a mold project follow-up management team:

Build a bridge of communication and supervision between customer - market - engineering - procurement - manufacturing - quality - warehouse - personnel - injection molding - finance and other departments, carry out detailed affairs and technical communication, fully understand the customer's mold technical requirements in detail, record and summarize the communication content and accurately convey to each department, avoid repeated, multiple, trial, modification, rework, etc. Saving money and time. Gradually build a knowledge base of customer business and technical data for each customer and share it within the company in order to improve customer service and reduce errors. Follow up and supervise the production progress of the mold project, arrange the trial of the mold, follow up the progress of related materials, check and confirm the sample, send the sample, arrange the mold shipment, etc.

14)ISO classification system:

Classification of customer level, supplier level and external negotiation level; According to the difficulty of the mold, the whole set of mold grade coefficient is divided, and the mold parts are divided into manufacturing grades according to the process difficulty. Design, manufacturing personnel classification, only in this way "to the seat", in order to fundamentally solve the supply chain "bottleneck", from the source to eliminate manufacturing errors, abandon the "big pot rice", to eliminate the performance assessment of the "halo effect" and narrow "I think it is OK, can be promoted, give him a salary" and so on, fuzzy word eye management culture.

15) Solve the problem of information silos:

Modern enterprise management is the standardized management of enterprises and information management, which is the "iron law" unchanged in China in the next 50 or even 100 years. Information technology has penetrated into the daily life of the people, and information manufacturing can not only solve the problem of inefficient information sharing between departments, upper and lower processes, planning and control layers, and operation layers. Moreover, it can solve the problems of high-speed sharing and flat management of enterprises.

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