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Causes of Mold Loss

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1, the main working parts of the mold material problems, improper selection of materials. Material performance is poor, not wear-resistant; Die steel is not refined and has a large number of smelting defects; Convex and concave die, forging forging process is not perfect, there are hidden dangers of heat treatment.

2, mold structure design problems, die structure is unreasonable. The slender punch is not designed to strengthen the device, the discharge port is not smooth, there is stacking, the discharge force is too high, and the punch is subjected to alternating load.

3, the mold making process is not perfect, mainly in the convex and concave die forging billet internal quality is poor, heat treatment technology and process problems, resulting in the convex and concave die quenching opaque, soft points and uneven hardness. Sometimes there are micro-cracks, even cracking, grinding and polishing is not in place, and the surface roughness value is too large.

4, no lubrication or lubrication but the effect is not good.

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