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Die-casting mold design

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Design of die casting mold

The design of die-casting molds needs to consider multiple factors, including product structure, materials, production processes, etc. During the design process, the following principles need to be followed:

1. Ensure product quality

Mold design should fully consider the structure and material characteristics of the product to ensure that the product will not have defects such as shrinkage cavities, bubbles, and slag inclusions during the die-casting process. At the same time, the design of the mold must also ensure the accuracy and stability of the product size to meet the requirements of subsequent processing and use.

2. Improve production efficiency

Mold design should maximize production efficiency and reduce production time and costs. For example, quick mold changing systems, automated mold closing and other measures can be adopted to improve production efficiency.

3. Easy to maintain and repair

The mold design should consider the maintenance and repair convenience of the mold to facilitate daily maintenance and repair of the mold. At the same time, sufficient maintenance space should be reserved during design to facilitate overhaul of the mold or replacement of wearing parts.

4. Security

Mold design should give full consideration to the safety of operators to avoid safety accidents. For example, the mold structure should avoid dead corners and sharp angles, and sufficient mold clamping force should be ensured when closing the mold.

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