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Heat Treatment Process And Effect Evaluation in Die Processing

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Heat treatment in mold processing is a key process, by controlling temperature and time to change the microstructure of the material, so as to improve its mechanical properties, such as hardness, toughness, wear resistance and strength. Heat treatment processes can be divided into many types, such as annealing, quenching, tempering and nitriding.

In mold manufacturing, quenching and tempering are the most common heat treatment processes. Quenching can greatly increase the hardness and strength of steel, but weaken the toughness; The tempering can moderately restore the toughness of the material, reduce brittleness, and reduce hardness to prevent excessive deformation of the mold at high temperatures.

The evaluation of the final effect of heat treatment is mainly based on mechanical properties tests, such as Rockwell hardness test, Vickers hardness test and impact toughness test. In addition, surface roughness and mold accuracy are also important evaluation factors. These tests ensure the reliability and durability of the mold under high speed stamping, high temperature working environments and other harsh conditions.

The proper heat treatment process can significantly improve the performance and service life of the mold, reduce the failure and downtime in the production process, and thus bring economic benefits to the enterprise. At the same time, the correct application and effect evaluation of heat treatment process is also an important link to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.

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