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Little Knowledge of Mold

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1. Commonly used shrinkage rate of plastic materials?

ABS PC PMMA PS 1.005 POM PVC PE 1.020 PP 1.015-1.020

2. Plastic parts often appear defects?

Lack of glue, mantle, bubbles, shrinkage, weld marks, black spots, bubbles, stripes, warping, delamination, peeling, etc.

3. Commonly used plastic mold steel?

718 738 S136 NAK80 SKH51 SKD61 2344 8407

4. What kind of steel is used for high mirror polishing?

Commonly used high hard heat treatment steel, such as SKD61, 8407, S136, etc.!

5. What is 2D? What is 3D?

2D refers to the two-dimensional plane, and 3D refers to the three-dimensional space. In the mold part, 2D usually refers to the plan, that is, the CAD diagram; 3D usually refers to stereogram, that is, PRO/E, UG or other 3D software graphics.

6. What is the default accuracy of UG?

The default accuracy for UG is 0.0254MM

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