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Mold Processing Type

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1. Rough finish

The roughing strategy depends on the type of blank and the profile of the die. If the blank is forgings or steel parts, then the roughing is best to choose the area cleaning model processing, remove most of the blank margin, get a uniform blank margin, and provide convenience for the post-processing.

2. semi-finishing

The main purpose of semi-finishing is to ensure that the margin is uniform when finishing, the most commonly used method is to first calculate the boundary outline of the residual material (referring to the three-dimensional outline of the unprocessed area of the tool), and then choose a smaller tool to process these three-dimensional contour areas, without reprocessing the entire model.

3. Local finishing

Local finishing generally refers to clear Angle machining. Clear Angle processing should use multiple processing or series of tools from large to small processing methods.

4. finishing

In finishing, unless the height of the die surface changes relatively large, it is best to choose parallel finishing.

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