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New Development And Application of Mold Processing Technology

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As a key link in the manufacturing industry, mold processing technology has made remarkable progress in recent years. With the increase of high precision, high speed and high complexity, mold processing is developing in the direction of digitalization, networking and automation. Advanced cutting technology, laser processing, electrical processing and other means make the efficiency and quality of mold manufacturing greatly improved. At the same time, the integration of 3D printing technology provides greater freedom and creativity for mold design, shortens the mold development cycle, and reduces production costs.

New developments in these technologies have been successfully applied to various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronic equipment. For example, in the field of automobile manufacturing, complex plastic parts and metal forming molds are produced efficiently through precision numerical control technology and intelligent systems. In the aerospace field, the molds of high-performance alloy materials are finely processed and surface treated to ensure the accuracy and reliability of parts.

In the future, with the development of new materials and the advancement of intelligent manufacturing technology, mold processing technology will continue to develop in a more personalized and intelligent direction, bringing more innovation and opportunities to the manufacturing industry.

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