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The Advantages of EDM Processing in Mold Processing

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EDM processing, Electrical Discharge Machining, has the following advantages in mold processing:

1. High-precision machining  : EDM machining can achieve micron level accuracy, which is very suitable for manufacturing high-precision mold parts.

2. Complex shape processing  : Because EDM processing is non-contact processing, it can process a variety of complex shapes of holes, slots and surfaces, which is difficult to achieve with traditional processing methods.

3. High hardness material processing  : EDM processing can deal with hardness of HRC60 or more metal materials, such as tool steel, cemented carbide, etc., these materials are usually difficult to deal with conventional processing methods.

4.  Stress-free machining  : Since EDM processing does not require physical contact, the stress generated during processing can be avoided, thereby reducing the risk of deformation of die parts.

5. High efficiency : EDM processing can process multiple workpieces at the same time, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Therefore, in mold manufacturing, EDM processing is widely used in the processing of complex mold structures and small mold parts, as well as the manufacturing of precision instruments, optical instruments and other fields. At the same time, with the wide application of graphite electrodes, EDM processing is more and more widely used in mold manufacturing.

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