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The Application of Electric Machining in Mold Processing

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Electromachining, also known as electromachining, is a technology that uses electrical energy to process materials. In mold processing, electromachining is widely used in the manufacture of high-precision and complex shapes of molds.

Electrical machining is mainly divided into two types: electric discharge machining (EDM) and electrolytic machining (ECM). Edm works by creating an instantaneous spark discharge between the workpiece and the electrode, removing the material point by point to form the desired shape. This method is suitable for processing hard materials, such as tungsten steel, titanium alloy and so on. Electrochemical machining is through the ion in the electrolyte under the action of electric field migration, so that the surface of the workpiece electrochemical corrosion, so as to achieve the removal of materials. This method is suitable for processing conductive materials, such as copper, aluminum, etc.

Electrical machining has the following advantages:

1. High machining accuracy: electrical machining can achieve micron-level machining accuracy to meet the needs of high-precision molds.

2. A wide range of processing: electrical processing can process a variety of hardness materials, including cemented carbide, ceramics and so on.

3. Complex shape processing: electrical machining can be programmed to control the trajectory of the electrode to achieve the processing of complex shapes.

4. No cutting force: there is no cutting force in the electrical machining process, which can avoid the deformation and damage of the workpiece.

Therefore, electric machining has a wide range of application prospects in mold processing.

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