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Tool Wear And Life Management in Die Processing

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In mold processing, tool wear and life management is the key link to ensure product quality and production efficiency. Tool wear is mainly caused by abrasive, cold welding, diffusion and oxidation processes, which can reduce machining accuracy and surface quality, and even lead to serious problems such as tool breakage and production line downtime. Therefore, it is very important to adopt effective tool life management strategy.

First of all, the correct choice of tool material, hardness and shape to adapt to different machining tasks. Secondly, when installing and adjusting the tool, ensure that the clamping force is moderate to avoid too tight or too loose. At the same time, a tool usage recording and analysis system is established to optimize cutting conditions and extend tool life. Finally, develop a reasonable tool maintenance and replacement strategy, regularly check the tool wear, and timely replacement of severely worn tools.

Through comprehensive management and optimization of tool use, the tool life can be effectively extended, and the quality and efficiency of mold processing can be improved.

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