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Understand Mold Structure And Classification

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Molds are tools used to produce molded items, and there are many kinds of them, including stamping molds, plastic molds, rubber molds, forging molds, casting molds, powder metallurgy molds, etc. Different types of molds have different structures and uses. The following are some common types of molds and their structural characteristics:

- Stamping die: including ordinary punching die, progressive die, compound die, fine stamping die, drawing die, bending die, forming die, cutting die, etc., for the forming of metal sheet.

- Plastic mold: including thermoplastic injection mold, thermosetting plastic injection mold, thermosetting plastic pressure mold, extrusion mold, blow mold, vacuum suction mold, etc., for the molding of plastic products.

- Rubber mold: including rubber injection molding mold, rubber compression molding mold, rubber extrusion molding mold, rubber casting molding mold, rubber packaging molding mold, etc., for rubber products molding.

- Forging die: including hot forging die, cold forging die, metal extrusion die, cutting die, etc., used for forging metal materials.

- Powder metallurgy mold: including metal powder metallurgy mold, non-metal powder metallurgy mold, etc., for the molding of powder metallurgy products.

- Casting mold: including pressure casting mold, low pressure casting mold, lost wax casting mold, foundry metal mold, etc., for the molding of metal castings.

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