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What Is Mold Processing? What Are The Main Processing Processes?

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Mold processing refers to the processing of forming and preforming tools, and also includes shearing and die-cutting molds. Under normal circumstances, the mold has two parts of the upper die and the lower die. The steel plate is placed between the upper and lower die, the material is formed under the action of the press, and when the press is opened, the workpiece determined by the mold shape is obtained or the corresponding scrap is removed. Pieces as small as electronic connectors and as large as car dashboards can be molded with molds.

Progressive die refers to a set of die that can automatically move the workpiece from one station to another station, and get the molded part at the last station. Die processing technology includes: cutting die, blanking die, composite die, extrusion die, four slide die, progressive die, stamping die, die cutting die, etc.

1.mold type:

(1) Metal stamping die: continuous die, single die, composite die, tensile die

(2) Plastic molding die: injection mold, extrusion mold, blister mold

(3) Die casting mold

(4) Forging mold

(5) powder metallurgy mold

(6) Rubber mold

2. mold processing process:

Opening material: front mold material, after mold material, insert material, line position material, inclined top material;

Open frame: front mold frame, rear mold frame;

Open thick: the front die cavity is open thick, the back die cavity is open thick, the parting line is open thick;

Copper male: front die copper male, after die copper male, parting die line clear Angle copper male;

Wire cutting: insert parting line, copper male, oblique top pillow position;

Computer gong: fine gong parting mold line, fine gong after mold core;

Edm: front die thick, copper male, male die line clear Angle, post die bone position, pillow position;

Drilling, pinhole, thimble; Die top pinhole water hole processing line position, line position pressure pole;

Inclined top, double thimble, matching thimble.

3. Basic features:

(1) The processing accuracy requirements of a high pair of molds are generally composed of a concave die, a punch and a die frame, and some may be multi-piece integrated modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower die, the combination of insert and cavity, and the combination between modules require high machining accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of precision molds is often up to μm level.

(2) Complex shape surface Some products such as automobile covering parts, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, the shape of the surface is composed of a variety of curved surfaces, therefore, the mold cavity surface is very complex. Some surfaces must be treated mathematically.

(3) The production of batch molds is not mass production, and in many cases only one payment is produced.

(4) In the process of multi-die processing, milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping are always used.

(5) The use of repetitive production molds has a life span. When the use of a mold exceeds its life, it is necessary to replace a new mold, so the production of molds is often repetitive.

(6) In the production of copying processing molds, sometimes there is no pattern or data, and the copying processing must be carried out according to the physical object. This requires high imitation accuracy and no deformation.

(7) Excellent mold materials, high hardness of the main materials of the mold are made of high-quality alloy steel, especially high-life molds, often made of Letenite steel such as Crl2, CrWMn. This kind of steel has strict requirements from blank forging, processing to heat treatment. Therefore, the preparation of processing technology can not be ignored, and heat treatment deformation is also a problem that needs to be treated seriously in processing.

According to the above characteristics, in the selection of machine tools to meet the processing requirements as much as possible. For example, the function of the CNC system is strong, the precision of the machine tool is high, the rigidity is better, the thermal stability is better, and the function of copying is good.

4. processing process arrangement:

(1) bottom processing, processing quantity guarantee;

(2) casting base alignment, 2D, 3D profile margin check;

(3)2D, 3D surface roughing, non-installation non-working plane processing (including safety platform surface, buffer mounting surface, pressure plate plane, side datum surface);

(4) alignment of the side datum surface to ensure accuracy before semi-finishing;

(5) Semi-finishing 2D and 3D surfaces, finishing all kinds of installation faces (including limit block installation surface and contact surface, insert installation surface and against the back, punch installation surface, waste cutter installation surface and against the back, spring installation surface and contact surface, all kinds of travel limit working face, oblique wedge installation surface and against the back), semi-finishing all kinds of guide faces and guide holes, Keep the residual finishing process reference hole and height reference surface, and record the data;

5. check and review processing accuracy;

(1) Clamping process;

(2) Before finishing, the datum surface of the process reference hole should be straightening, and the insert allowance should be checked;

(3) Finishing surface 2D, 3D, side punching surface and hole position, finishing process reference hole and height reference, finishing guide surface and guide hole;

(4) Check and review machining accuracy.

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