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What Materials Are Silicone Molds Made of?

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1. 45# steel is generally used on the market, which is not very good. It is recommended to use P20 die steel, if you want to be more wear-resistant, use 718 die steel, these materials can be used in injection molding grade mold materials.

2. silica gel mold is a special mold for the production of crafts, generally speaking, silica gel mold is made of silica gel as a raw material mold tools, silica gel is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, high simulation fine, is to do a variety of crafts mold.

3.in addition to silicone, there are other materials can also be used to make rubber molds, such as polyurethane (polyurethane), acrylic resin (acrylic resin). Select materials based on specific requirements and application scenarios.

4. the selection of silica gel base material is a key step, because different silica gel base material is suitable for different uses and requirements, such as the color of silica gel base material, hardness, viscosity, curing speed, etc., will affect the performance of mold silica gel.

5.silicone for mold Silica gel is a very widely used mold special raw materials, silicone mold has the advantages of more mold times, easy operation and so on by many silicone products factory. Silicone has many kinds of names, such as: silicone, silicone rubber, silicone rubber, etc., and is divided into solid silicone and liquid silicone, a silicone for mold is liquid silicone.

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